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Tombstone Tuesday – Edwin William Waits (1892-1963)

September 8, 2009

I thought it would be fitting today to show you Edwin William Waits’ tombstone, since he was a major part of my day yesterday.

Edwin was born in Milford, Seward, Nebraska, USA and died in Marion, Oregon, USA.  It’s my understanding that he was married with kids.  Was it common back then to take someone’s body across country and not bury them with their spouse?  That seemed to happen a lot in my family.

I took this photo at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Ruby, Seward, Nebraska, USA on Memorial Day, 2009 and noticed that a few of my family’s graves had flowers on them.  Same thing in the Seward Cemetery.  Assuming that the visitors are cousins, I’d really like to talk to them and let them know about my research and blog and see if they want to compare notes.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I would get in touch with them?  I’ve thought about leaving a note in a ziploc next Memorial Day, but that’s nine months away.  Seems a shame to let it go that long if we live in the same area.


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