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Madness Monday – Orphaned Photos

August 17, 2009

Today is Madness Monday!!  Want to know what’s driving me mad today?  ORPHANED PHOTOS.  Simply put, old original photos of weddings and kids and families that don’t have a home with their real families and are up for auction on ebay.  I mean, I’m glad that they’re not in the trash and that there is a possibility that they could be reunited with their families, but wow.  I just spent about an hour looking through pages and pages of them.  It brings tears to my eyes!  Some of them are even identified!

So if you’re interested in finding photos of your ancestors, I suggest searching ebay.  I didn’t find any of mine  yet, but I’ll keep looking!

Search “Antique Photographs” under the Collectibles category.  I used the left margin to narrow it down to “photographic images”, then “original print”.  Or you can search for your state, but that will only work if it’s labeled.  Good Luck!!

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  1. Renate permalink
    August 17, 2009 7:40 pm

    Hey Kathy,
    It’s funny that you blogged about this today, because I almost wrote about a similar finding on Saturday. I ran across sales of old FAMILY BIBLES on Ebay! I couldn’t believe it! Many had the family names and listed birth, death, and wedding dates! My reaction was the same as yours to the pictures. I’m going to take a look at them now. Meanwhile, check out this link.

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