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Madness Monday – Dressy unknown family group photo

August 10, 2009

unknown family - early 1900s?

unknown family - early 1900s?

Here’s my entry for Madness Monday!  Mystery photos drive me nuts!  This is just one in my collection.  The man standing 2nd to the right kind of looks like my Grandpa Fred… slender build, slender face, big mustache.  =)  But no one else even remotely resembles anyone in any of the photos that I have!  Maybe it’s a family by marriage?

I don’t have a clue why they gals in the front row are all wearing matching outfits, yet the women in the back row aren’t.  Why is everyone wearing a hat?  Were they going to church?  They seem to be really dressed up.

The terrain is very flat.  There is a lot of dirt and a chicken in the background, so it’s very possible that it’s in Nebraska since most of the other photos seem to be from when they lived in Seward.

My initial reaction to this photo is that they’re not from around here.  It’s extended family visiting from out East stopping by on their way West.  I don’t get the feeling that they stayed long.

Does anyone else have any insights?  Can you help me date this photo?  Do you know who is in this photo?

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