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Saying goodbye to an old friend

August 2, 2009

Vegas is in heaven.

We had to put her down on Friday.  Vegas was my Dad’s dog.  He got her from cousin Ronnie in Oklahoma I don’t know how many years ago.  12? 15?  He trained her as a hunting dog and sent her home with Dad during one of his visits down there.  When Dad passed away five years ago, my brother Tony and his family took her in and gave her a loving, active home.  She quickly became Tony’s sidekick and they went on walks everyday.  It was a great way for him to de-stress after working all day, and good exercise for the both of them.

She was such a good dog!  She always came when you called her, immediately followed commands, and was so patient with the kids and even with my hyper dog Max most of the time (but she could sure put him in his place!).  Vegas just loved attention and was the most loving dog I know.

She’s been having a tough time over the past year and has been having difficulty breathing, she couldn’t stay cooled down, and her arthritis has slowed her down to a crawl.  It’s been so hard for us to see her go through this and we all really struggled with the decision.  It’s really what was best for her and now she can keep Dad company in heaven.

Vegas in April 2004

Vegas in April 2004

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  1. August 2, 2009 1:58 pm

    It is so hard saying goodbye to a pet especially when they become part of the family. You’ve put together a great tribute here. And while our animal companions are not part of our genealogy, they are a strong part of our family history.

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