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Found! Elve S Long – obituary

July 28, 2009

Elve ObituaryThanks again to Vicki McAlister, I have what I feel to be a final confirmation of Elve Sonoria Long’s past.  Vicki sent me a scan of Elve’s obituary yesterday that pretty much sums up what I’ve been talking about for the past couple of days!  Heck!  They even cropped her out of the photo that I posted on Sunday.

Mrs W. H. Wait, First to Be Wed in Seward, Called

Mrs. Wait, who died at Ruby, Neb., recently held the distinction of bein the first bride in Seward county having been wed there, Nov 12, 1866 to John W. Pitt.  She married W. H. Wait July 24, 1875.  She is survived by eight children, one by her first marriage and seven by her second.  Mrs. Wait suffered a stoke of paralysis in August, 1927 from which she never fully recovered.  An attack of influenza was directly responsible for her death.  Mrs. Wait’s maiden name was Elve Sonoria Long.

Well?  You can’t ask for much more than that!  They even list her cause of death.  Although I’m not sure why the obituaries that I find don’t mention birth and death dates.  I do wish that I knew what happened to John Pitt.  I’m assuming he must have died since his son’s obituary says that he lived with his grandmother.  I am happy to know now that his middle initial was W.  Every little bit helps!

I am so shocked that all of this information has come to light in a matter of days!  I told Vicki that I get the feeling that Elve wanted her obit to be found and to have all of the pieces put together!  Thanks, Elve!  Rest in peace…

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